Art & Science International Photo Contest

The evaluation is finished! Evaluation list and WINNERS GALLERY is published here!


Deadline extended to 14th of August for all ICPAM11 events!
Art and Science Romania 2016 International Photo Contest

Behind any drop of natural beauty lies plenty of science… From a snowflake to a snowfall, from sunrise to sunset, from a cry to a song, everywhere, any second in our life we are facing scientific phenomena. Using a photo camera, a microscope or a telescope one can freeze them forever…

Discover science in a new view! Send your photos to us until 14th of AUGUST 2016 and get the chance to win your place in 2ndArt and Science Exhibition Cluj-Napoca Romania 2016 and one of the surprise prizes!

The present contest addresses to all amateur/professional photographers and scientists. Any science related image is eligible for competition. Every participant can submit up to 3 images free of charge and up to 10 images at a fee charge of 5 euros/extra image.

The money collected from fees will be used for sponsoring of some of the winners, participants in the Exhibition and Workshop.

Send your low-res digital images named YOUR NAME_number.jpeg together with your one page short CV and a file containing a short description of each of the submitted images by e-mail to until 14th of AUGUST 2016.
These should be 72ppi JPEGs between 0.5mb and 3mb pixel dimensions (uncompressed size – equivalent to between 800 and 1000 pixels on the longest side) and no larger than 1.5mb file size on disk (compressed size).
For selected images higher resolution files will be requested after a first stage evaluation.

All images will be included in an on-line gallery.
The submitted images will be evaluated in two stages:
1st Stage evaluation will be done by the organizing committee and a jury including 5 professional science photographers to be announced soon in event the website.
Up to 30 images will be selected as finalist images to be included in 2ndArt and Science Exhibition Cluj-Napoca Romania 2016 during the 11th International Conference On Physics Of Advanced Materials (ICPAM-11 held at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from 8th to 14th of September, 2016. Selected works authors will be contacted for high-res versions for print. Print charges may be applied.
2nd Stage From the selected images, a number of 3 images will be selected during ICPAM-11 as contest winners and authors will receive diplomas and surprise prizes.

Note: Copyright of entered artworks remains with the artist who agrees by submitting his/her works to grant permission to 2nd Art and Science Photography Exhibition 2016 organizers to use the submitted material in exhibits, on their web site, and other media for marketing and printing for off line marketing. Your permission to display the entry for the contest and later online and in the archives cannot be reversed and its use or removal is entirely at the discretion of event organizing committee. After the event, the printed works remain the property of the organizing institutions. It may be part of further worldwide exhibits connected with the event. If artists would like to have their print, they will have to pay for print, handling and shipping. For artists who would like to attend the event, information regarding travel, accommodation and supplementary events are available in ICPAM11 website

For details and updates please visit Art and Science 2016 International Photo Contest Facebook public page.

Call for Art Science Contest Download file

Organizing Committee

  • Mirela ȘUCHEA,  Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, Image Source Contributor
  • Cris ORFESCU, NanoArt 21, Los Angeles, California, US
  • Lee WHEATLEY, Science Photography Chief Editor at Image Source UK
  • Ozolin DUȘA, FotoIași Romania
  • Felicia IACOMI, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
  • UAIC local organizers: Vasile Vatra, Stefan Bucur, Anda Olaru (Chemistry Department) and Dragos Dutu Media&IT
  • UBB local organizers: